Project Minimalism: July 2018


“The secret of happiness, you see, is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less.” – Socrates

The first time I decluttered my stuff four years ago, I carried a large black garbage bag and got rid of every unnecessary stuff I see in my bedroom. I also prepared two boxes for my clothes and accessories — one box contained all the clothes for online selling, while the other had the clothes for donation.

While my first experience with decluttering is therapeutic, I feel a slight remorse when I think of the stuff I discarded during that time. Looking back, I should’ve given some to my cousins or my friends who like art and cute things (I disposed a lot of stationery and craft tools) instead of throwing them away.


Now that I know better, I try to incorporate zero waste lifestyle with minimalism. Although I’m still new to this whole zero waste concept, I try not to toss anything out especially when it can be useful to others. When something needs to be disposed, I either cut it into small pieces and put it inside my ecobrick or just let it go (only if it’s something made of metal or paper or just “compostable”).

Every month, I put everything that no longer serves me purpose in a black basket. Most of the things inside are either sold or given away to friends, relatives, and random people.

This month, here are the things I’m going to sell/give away/dispose:


  1. My construction-related paperwork. I’ve been collecting files from the seminars I attended and from my workplace for reference, but I also own a soft copy so there’s no point keeping them.
  2. Silicone molds. These were the last of my impulsive purchases from two years ago and they were never used at all. I bought them only because I used to think that owning a lot of art tools makes me a credible art person (LOL). I plan on selling these molds online or give away to someone who can actually use them.
  3. Old photos. I am not sentimental when it comes to things, so these were actually easy to let go of. I scanned the photos, chose a few to keep (I put them in one album just in case my mom looks for them), and shredded the rest so that I can put them inside my ecobrick (most photos are made with plastic-coated paper, so they can be used for ecobricks as long as they’re not moist or wet).
  4. My Blackberry Q10. This was originally my father’s spare phone, but he gave this to me since I sold mine after switching networks. Months later, Dad gave me another phone after buying a new one so this isn’t useful to me anymore.
  5. Police Vintage Sunglasses. This wasn’t mine, but I found this while looking for my old books in our storage room. I thought this looks trendy but it didn’t suit me, so I’ll give this away as well.
  6. HITACHI Black Pen. One of the “perks” of working in my previous company was I get first dibs when it comes to freebies. This was one of the many freebies I got. Unfortunately, this is running out of ink, so I’ll break the plastic parts into pieces and just throw it in my ecobrick.
  7. 4GB Memory Card. This was an extra memory card for my camera, but I never used it because the one I’m using never gets full (I always back everything up as soon as I get home).
  8. Plastic case with beads and cute erasers. Back then, I used to collect cute animal and food erasers. These were the last two erasers from my collection. The beads were the last ones I have after making my bracelets. I’ll probably give everything to my cousins or make new bracelets for my online shop’s freebies.
  9. GoPro MonoPod. I bought this monopod only because I lost my old one while I was traveling. This was very useful, but I prefer a simple monopod over this one since I never get use of its tripod, anyway.

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