When In Davao: Bemwa Farm, Marilog District


When you’re in Davao and you want to feel the serene bukid vibe in contrast to the city’s busy streets, then a two-hour drive to Bemwa Farm may be just right for you. Situated in Datu Salumay, Marilog District, Davao City, this 16-hectare farm is a home of different types of flora and vegetables.

Driving or commuting to the farm may be difficult as there were no specific signs on the highway that would lead you to the area. The only sign that led us to our way to the farm was a road sign from Garden of Gethsemane near an uphill road on the right side of the highway (if you travel from Bukidnon, turn left once you see the sign + uphill road). From the highway, it took us around five minutes to reach Bemwa Farm.

Entrance is free of charge (as of June 15, 2018). We paid 50 PhP (1 USD) for the parking fee.




The first thing that caught my eye as we entered the farm is the abundance of different types of flowers. Visitors were so eager to take pictures (and selfies) of these colorful blooms.


Aside from (seasonal) strawberries, Bemwa farm is famous for growing varieties of lettuce. Most of these are sold in local public markets and grocery stores. Different herbs and vegetables also grow in the vast area.



The farm has a shop where they sell their fresh produce and delicious food at reasonable prices. Strawberry jams and lettuce in plastic bags are sold at 100 PhP (2 USD) each. Their native coffee and strawberry taho are also enjoyed by tourists.



Overall, Bemwa Farm is a must-visit to green thumbs and tourists who enjoy the sight of flowers and vegetation. Since the farm only offers day tour, guests who wish to stay overnight may avail the facilities from mountain resorts nearby. Despite its limited facilities (after all, it’s a farm, not a resort!), the green scenery and the cool ambiance are perfect for those who want to experience the peaceful life away from the city.


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