On Zero-Waste Periods: Menstrual Cups

Having your period is a bitch – it is painful, it gives you the unnecessary mood swings, and it makes you weak. It’s the unpredictable visitor almost every girl has, and she has to welcome that bitch most of her life. Obviously, I’m not talking about the one we use in sentences.

Aside from the physical and emotional stress it gives, periods can also be wasteful. Periods make us spend money and produce trash, unless you’re using alternative period products. In my case, I am using a menstrual cup.


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Project Minimalism: July 2018


“The secret of happiness, you see, is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less.” – Socrates

The first time I decluttered my stuff four years ago, I carried a large black garbage bag and got rid of every unnecessary stuff I see in my bedroom. I also prepared two boxes for my clothes and accessories — one box contained all the clothes for online selling, while the other had the clothes for donation.

While my first experience with decluttering is therapeutic, I feel a slight remorse when I think of the stuff I discarded during that time. Looking back, I should’ve given some to my cousins or my friends who like art and cute things (I disposed a lot of stationery and craft tools) instead of throwing them away.

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From North to South: A CEBU 4D3N DIY Budget Travel Guide


Cebu is a melting pot of culture, faith, and tourism. With instagram-worthy destinations, it’s no surprise that this island is visited by travelers every year. Seeing that most of the people we know have been to Cebu and enjoyed their trip, Mark and I eagerly booked a flight during last year’s piso fare sale at Cebu Pacific.

We planned on going to Bantayan Island, Simala, and Kawasan falls despite our short stay in Cebu. Little did we know that it would take us loooong bus and ferry rides and a few (mis)adventures to reach these places. Nevertheless, the reward of seeing these beautiful spots made all of our efforts worth it.

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When In Davao: Bemwa Farm, Marilog District


When you’re in Davao and you want to feel the serene bukid vibe in contrast to the city’s busy streets, then a two-hour drive to Bemwa Farm may be just right for you. Situated in Datu Salumay, Marilog District, Davao City, this 16-hectare farm is a home of different types of flora and vegetables.

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